Vancouver’s First
Virtual Reality Film Festival

YVRFF will give Vancouver the opportunity to explore the world of VR with the most innovative technology and
creative content. Industry influentials are working closely with the festival to celebrate the top creative minds and
leading developments at the premier Vancouver Virtual Reality Film Festival.

We are excited for the YVRFF to be in a position to share this transformative experience with audiences of all ages,
and shine a spotlight on the visionary artists who are creating this interactive world.

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Calling for Submissions

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Who We Are

YVRFF is a non-profit tech culture organization headquartered
in Vancouver, BC. With over a decade of combined experience,
our board is comprised of innovative leaders from a variety of
disciplines within the tech sector.

Andy Chu

Creative Director

Brendan Wright

Technical Program Coordinator

Chris Chan


Dirk Gombos

Technical Advisor (360 Stereoscopic)

James Balatti

Technical Director

Jeremie Ruffino

Program Curator

Jessica Glass

Festival Director

Joanne Yuson


Jonathan Grand Pierre

Special Projects Coordinator

Josue Pacheco

Technical Advisor (VR) / Web Developer

Kevin Chong Kee


Kryshan Randel

Program Advisor

Amy Johnston

Print Design

Laurie Brownrigg

Communications / Social Media Coordinator

Leon Ng

Executive Producer

Neesha Hothi

PR Advisor

Trieu Mai

Program Coordinator

What We Do

Through our annual film festival event, we are on a
mission to change the storytelling experience on a global
scale, 360 degrees at a time. We custom curate our
content to provide the most relevant and compelling
narratives available for virtual reality applications.



- Host the premiere VR film festival in Western Canada
- Cultivate a strong community of VR filmmaking enthusiasts
- Provide festival guests with the the opportunity to not only watch
great content but fully experience and engage in VR films
- Create memorable experiences for audiences and exclusive exposure
to the best selection of VR films


Industry Snapshot

The VR industry is growing at an accelerated pace, with the number of active VR users
forecast to reach 171 million by 2018.

Over 250 apps are currently available for the VR ecosystem, and over 200,000 developers
have registered to build content (for Oculus Rift).

“Virtual reality has given storytellers new dimensions to work with. The immersive nature of VR
offers filmmakers a creative alternative to tell a story. We are providing the general public the
ability to experience virtual reality in a unique and engaging way.”
Leon Ng, YVRFF co-founder

“There’s a new opportunity to invent a symbology for cross-device experiences, and for
immersive content. To identify the grammar of what makes you feel strong emotions, love, fear,
even physical discomfort. Since when have interactions been so visceral?”
Yates Buckley, Technical Partner, UNIT9

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