Vancouver Virtual Reality Film Festival

“Changing the storytelling landscape, 360 at a time”

YVRFF is a non-profit tech culture organization headquartered in Vancouver, BC.With over a decade of combined experience, our board is comprised of innovative leaders from a variety of disciplines within the tech sector.

Through our annual film festival event, we are on a mission to change the storytelling experience on a global scale, 360 degrees at a time.We custom curate our content to provide the most relevant and compelling narratives available for virtual reality applications.

YVRFF will give Vancouver the opportunity to explore the world of VR with the most innovative technology and creative content. Industry influentials are working closely with the festival to celebrate the top creative minds and leading developments at the premier Vancouver Virtual Reality Film Festival.We are excited for the YVRFF to be in a position to share this transformative experience with audiences of all ages, and shine a spotlight on the visionary artists who are creating this interactive world.