YVRFF 2018 

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All films are available to view at each screening session


Feature Installation Experience  

CocoVR (USA)

Coco VR is Pixar’s stunning debut into virtual reality: an adventure into the beautiful Disney-Pixar film, Coco. You can choose either a single or multi-player experience, and follow the magical alebrije into the luminous world of Coco filled with lovable characters and beautiful settings from the film.

Blade Runner 2049: : Memory Lab (USA)

In this single-player adventure from the world of Blade Runner 2049, you’ve been transported to the Wallace Corporation’s Memory Lab where an eager Joi-Tech model hologram is ready to scan your mind to reveal the circumstances behind your latest retirement. You’ll travel from the memory lab and into strange and thrilling recreations of the future, complete with fully volumetric characters and interactive elements. Within each scene you’ll use futuristic tools to uncover clues to reveal and evidence to hide. Featuring Oculus Touch support and a sprawling, 360º world, Memory Lab brings the Blade Runner universe to you like never before.

Chorus (FRANCE)

Chorus VR transforms you and a few friends into fantastical female warriors and sends you off on an epic journey to faraway Tron-like fantasy worlds from the 1980s to battle weird treacherous monsters and save your species from extinction, all synchronized to the visceral sounds of Justice.


Crystals, lasers, monsters, heroines. You and your friends are fantastical female warriors from different corners of the universe, banding together to battle evil with dance lasers in this epic journey of empowerment all orchestrated by the song Chorus by Justice.



Independent VR Film Experience 


Which deadly sin are you guilty of? 7DS is VR short film about the desire for more and the human need for excess: the seven deadly sins. Seven visions, all linked by our art of watching and being watch


Snatch (SPAIN)

Inspired by a real life heist in London, Crackle’s new series “Snatch” centers on a group of twenty-something, up-and-coming hustlers who are suddenly thrust into the high-stakes world of organized crime. Be part of the great diamond heist with Charlie (Rupert Grint), Albert (Luke Pasqualino), Billy (Lucien Laviscount) and Lotti (Phoebe Dynevor) while they attempt to crack the safe before Sonny’s goons arrive (and the police!).


Locked away in a cold, dark prison cell and no hope of getting

released any time soon, all that Jedrick has

left are the most precious memories of his beloved: A means to escape

from his grim reality.

Max and Aimee (USA)

On the verge of losing his memory, a troubled man meets a mysterious nurse and has to discover the truth when he realizes that she is keeping an important secret from him


Ray is modern fairy tale about Lucy, a young girl with mighty dreams, and a nosy beam of light called Ray who comes to play with her.

One night, Lucy wakes up to a strange light creature called Ray.

While trying to understand each other through a whimsical dance of light, they find themselves trapped in a dilemma of trust.

Should she keep Ray forever?

Peroration (FRANCE)

Peroration 6 VR is a  immersive music experience set in the middle of the iconic Utah desert. Performed by London electronic music’s most forward-thinking talents, Sam Shepherd and his Floating Points band, this mesmerizing music performance will take you on a journey that will unleash both natural and supernatural elements

Vision (Taiwan)

Once upon a time, a little girl found a broken pine cone. She cherished it a lot. Her mom made a room in her favorite garden for this little girl to grow the pine.

Years passed, as the pine tree growing taller in the corner, the little girl lost her sight little by little because of illness. Being stuck in bed, she never had seen the world since then.

One day, just like Mom holding her hands, walking step by step with her, she no longer felt scared. She knew it by heart — those dark days are over.

In The Cloud

In the Cloud VR Afterlife begins with Theo James (Tomiwa Edun), the genius inventor behind Cloud Inc., as he welcomes you to the Cloud and walks you through the technology that allows him to map the human brain. After introducing the Cloud, James will begin to ask you a series of questions to dig deep into your soul and better understand your morality. With every answer, a slim crack widens encompassing a visually stimulating journey to the other side to reveal your inner truth that may or may not be what it seems. 

Tune In For Murder (CANADA)

An inheritance, an ingénue, and a detective. Experience a mystery straight from the pages of a 1950’s noir where everyone’s a suspect after you find yourself the victim of a grisly murder.

Hope Amongst the Haze (USA)

Hope Amongst the Haze highlights the inspiring movement taking place in Mumbai as residents fight to save their beaches.  Through community effort, residents have removed 12 million pounds of trash from one of the most beautiful beaches in Mumbai, attracting tourists and residents alike to enjoy the gorgeous coast.

Everything Flows (USA)

Returning to the hometown after year’s absence, the Director experienced a strange and overwhelming journey. Everything has changed or distorted beyond recognition. It’s like feeling homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist. However, the memories are still vivid. That’s where she had her first life lesson and where everything began. This VR experience presents a surreal city views with a mixture of painting, video capture, sounds, dreaming, memory, and reality. You will be existed as an participant of Director’s memory. You are welcome to explore, to see and to feel the space and the moments.

The Lost Boy

A short film aboulosing touch with your child lost in his virtual world. A search for reconnection through the different realities of old-town grit and Vegas glitter.

700 Sharks (FRANCE)

700 sharks in the night » is a VR short-doc mini serie following Laurent Ballesta, famous underwater specialist and biologist. You will experience a unique feeling being like a member of a scientific expedition and diving at night in the middle of a pack of 700 sharks.